Travelling to School

Please think carefully about how you travel to and from school each day and the impact which this might have. We are constantly striving to improve the safety and efficiency of the pick-up and drop-off periods so if you have any suggestions, please contact the school office.

Consider whether you might be able to walk, scoot or cycle to school (taking advantage of our bike-storage area at the rear of the building!) to cut down on traffic, or even something as simple as car sharing will make the experience at the start and end of each school-day stress free!

Kiss and Drop

We are very proud of our kiss and drop system which is extremely effective and efficient. Please ensure that your children are ready with all of their school bags and belongings to aid a swift, Formula 1-style pit stop near to the school gates. A very big thank-you to all the parents who volunteer to take on this role, come rain or shine, we really appreciate your help!