School Council Meetings at Danehill

Regular meetings allow all children to be a part of our decision making over a single academic year. Each year we hold meetings with an open agenda and meetings with a focussed agenda. Ideas that come up at the open agenda meetings might well be followed up in a later focussed meeting.

This is how they work:

Each term the class teacher meets with a small group of representative children. By the end of the year all of the children will have had a chance to be a part of this process. This group is invited to take part in an in-depth discussion with their teacher about various aspects of school life. Teachers are interested to hear what children really think. Ideas are expressed respectfully and honestly. A summary of each of these discussions is sent to the headteacher who then makes a single summary for governors, staff and children to see. These outcomes are used to inform the future development of the school.

Here is the schedule for the coming year:

Term 2 – Assemblies – how well do these work and how could they be improved?
Term 3 – February 5th Open agenda – what would you like to discuss?
Term 4 – March 22nd Homework – what’s the point of homework and how can we make it work for everyone?
Term 5 – May 14th Open agenda – what would you like to discuss?
Term 6 – June 4th School reports – do our current reports work well and are there ways that we could improve them?