Aims and Vision

At Danehill CEP School we inspire children to become learners for life.

Children are encouraged to develop a love for learning and attain the skills for learning that will enable them to do their very best in all aspects of their life. Our school is guided by our Christian ethos where children are encouraged to become independent, responsible and respectful members of our local, national and global community.

We aim to achieve this vision by:

  • Insisting upon the highest standards of teaching and learning
  • Providing an engaging, balanced and relevant curriculum
  • Encouraging a sense of family; where children are kind and tolerant, and respect the rights of others
  • Treating every child as an individual and understanding that all children have talents that should be encouraged and nurtured
  • Welcoming the involvement of parents and other members of the local community
  • Promoting a Christian ethos through our values of: enjoyment, courage, friendship, respect, forgiveness, honesty, perseverance and humility
  • Teaching the skills of lifelong learning through our ‘8 Powers of Learning’:

Don't Give Up

We never give up, even when things get tough.